3 Reasons Why a Truck Body is Better Than a Cargo Van


Whether you’re carrying important industrial equipment to and from a work site or conducting emergency work in a rural environment, it’s understandable that you would require a tough, reliable form of transportation for both your workers and materials. While some companies use cargo vans, an increasing number are discovering the benefits of truck bodies, which are a self-contained, mono-body capsule that is a universal fit for all full-size trucks.

This relatively inexpensive transportation solution is vastly superior to standard cargo vans, and can dramatically improve your team’s results. The following are three of the top reasons your company should consider a truck body instead of a cargo van.


One of the most obvious signs of a truck body’s superiority comes from its high durability. Truck bodies are built using a powerful yet light fiberglass alloy. While this makes a truck body lighter than steel or aluminum, this high-quality alloy is perfectly suited to withstand even the toughest work environments. Truck bodies are both water-tight and air-tight, keeping unwanted external contaminants out of your vehicle and protecting your valuable cargo.

Because truck bodies are relatively lightweight, they also have a minimal impact on the pickup truck itself. This helps both the pickup truck and the truck body last much longer than a cargo van ever would in a heavy-duty industrial setting. In fact, truck bodies frequently outlast their vehicles, and the ease with which they can be transferred to another pickup truck ensures that you will get extended use from them for years to come.


Truck bodies can provide significant financial benefits to fleet managers. In addition to their minimal maintenance costs and long lifespan, the use of truck bodies can actually serve as an additional source of income for your company. Quite simply, your company will save much more on cargo transportation with long-lasting truck bodies than if you needed to repeatedly buy new cargo vans.

For example, installing a truck body does not require any modifications to be made to the actual pickup truck. Many companies that use cargo vans frequently find that the resale value of these vehicles plummets due to their service modifications. By using a truck body, no modifications need to be made to the pickup truck, which improves its resale value later on.

In addition, extra truck bodies could even potentially be rented out to other contractors when you don’t need to use them yourself, helping you gain an additional return on your investment.


Customization is one of the greatest attributes of a truck body. While cargo vans are difficult to customize, a truck body can be adapted for a wide range of needs, before and even after you’ve made the purchase and installed it on your vehicle! Truck bodies can be specially manufactured for both emergency response vehicles and military purposes. Better yet, their superior storage capacity gives you more room for vital equipment and personnel.

Because truck bodies use a slip-on capsule, they are easily transferred to other pickup trucks should you ever need to use a different vehicle. This way, you can continue using your truck body even when a particular vehicle is undergoing heavy maintenance work—allowing you to maintain an uninterrupted flow of work, even when the unexpected happens. Even when fully loaded, a truck body can be switched to a different pickup truck in as little as fifteen minutes!

In addition to these easy transfers, truck bodies can be easily and inexpensively retrofitted with ladder fasteners, roof racks, or other custom equipment to adapt to your changing work environment. With a van, these changes can prove quite expensive, and often take quite a bit of time.


To achieve the best results for your fleet, the solution is clear. Truck bodies serve as a durable, convenient, and cost-effective method that will help your company master its transportation needs. Don’t get left behind—let truck bodies take your company to the next level.


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