10 Tips to Avoid Ruining Your Kitchen Redesign


There are plenty of ways to make a kitchen redesign look fantastic. For instance, we’re a big fan of the new trend for including one wide drawer for all your cutlery. Keep it tidy, and it’s the perfect space and storage possibility. But there are plenty of ways to ruin your kitchen redesign as well, and you don’t want that. So, we’re here to help you out with some top tips on how to avoid this.

Don’t Be A DIY Nut

It’s understandable that you want to do at least some of the work on your kitchen redesign yourself. After all, this is your project so you want to feel and see some of your work in the final result. That’s great, just being careful not to get in over your head. There are some parts of the design that you simply won’t be able to handle. If you want your room to look fantastic, try getting a free kitchen design, do the bits you are comfortable with and leave the rest to an expert.

Don’t Forget To Plan

If you’re completing a kitchen redesign, you need a plan. You need to make sure you know exactly what you’re hoping to achieve and what it should look like when you’re finished. If you don’t do this, then you will face two issues. Your budget is going to balloon and halfway through; you will run into a wall that you don’t know how to get around. It could be a creative block or a practical issue that you hadn’t considered.

Collaboration Is Key

Working with builders and designers? Good, you’ll need all the help you can get. However, you do want to make sure these two teams are working in unison rather than separately. If they are working by themselves, you’ll come across an issue with practicality. A designer will suggest something, but a builder won’t be able to complete the work in your kitchen. This is one of those walls we talked about, and collaboration will help you avoid it.

Avoid Falling For Tricks Of Trade

When you complete a kitchen redesign, you’ll speak to different designers and suppliers. Some will want to provide you with the best choices for your new plans. Others will be looking to gouge you by encouraging you to buy expensive items you don’t need. Or, they will encourage you to purchase items that would look odd in your kitchen. Avoid the sales tricks by knowing exactly what you want before you start shopping around.

Hire A Licensed Contractor

Make sure that you hire a contractor that is a) licensed and b) experienced. If your contractor doesn’t tick off either of these boxes, something could go wrong with your redesign. Usually, you’ll noticed it a few months after work is complete. The tiles might not have been laid correctly, or the fittings might be loose. You won’t run into this issue if you make sure you only hire professionals.

Remember Your Ventilation

This is a problem that arises if you don’t consult a designer when modelling your new kitchen. You forget important details like, say, ventilation? Make sure there’s room in your plans for a proper, high-quality ventilation system. Otherwise, you won’t be able to see the new kitchen through all the smoke created when you’re cooking.

Keep Cupboard Space High

We know there’s a big demand to save space and make a room look as large as possible. Just be careful about how much you limit cupboard space in your kitchen. Remember, if you get rid of your cupboards, items have got to go somewhere. You’ll find you have to store them in other rooms or just leave them out. This can be a nuisance and make the room look untidy.

Don’t Oversize The Counters

We love the idea of adding a new breakfast island or bar to your room design. But it’s important to realise that not all kitchens can accommodate one. If you don’t have enough space in the middle of your kitchen, you’ll find it cramped and cluttered. One way to get around this is to use the island for other purposes. For instance, you can have cupboards under the island while a new kitchen hob can be positioned in the middle on top. That way, you can save space on the sides of the kitchen.

A Place For Rubbish

Don’t forget to include a place for rubbish in your room design. Ideally, you want this to be out of sight and out of mind. It’s a good idea to have it concealed in one of the cupboards under the sink. That way, you can scrape leftovers into the rubbish as you clear up after dinner.

A Trick Of The Light

Finally, make sure that you include lighting in your plans. There’s nothing worse than a dark and dank kitchen. It might be a smart choice to include lighting underneath fitting and above counter tops. Then, you’ll always be able to see what you’re doing whether you’re preparing dinner or making coffee. There are some really useful kitchen lighting tips floating around the internet.

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