Everyday Things You Can do Online That You Couldn’t 10 Years Ago


Our day-to-day rhythm has changed in the last 10 years and it’s not just because we are getting older. The internet and all that it entails has altered the way that society functions, and every day the number of things that we can accomplish thanks to the internet continues to grow.

There are some amazing implications for how business and science use the web, but it’s time to also appreciate how we have progressed in its usage even on a personal, everyday level.

-Deposit Cheques with a Photo

How cool is it that you no longer have to go to a bank machine or the teller’s desk to deposit a cheque? It can be as easy as taking a photo of it with your smartphone and uploading it to your bank’s app. No standing in line, no stuffing envelopes, and no unnecessary trips to the bank. Now that’s progress!

-Apply for a mortgage online

Though some of us might still feel more comfortable meeting with a mortgage broker, it’s nice to know that we can apply and be approved for a mortgage online- making the home buying process that much easier and quicker. Instead of waiting for an appointment and even taking time off of work to attend it, all you need is a few minutes in front of the computer screen and, boom, you’re in!

-Apply for a Loan Online

Instead of nervously dressing up in a business casual outfit and waiting for the bank manager to accept or deny your request for a loan, you can now check your eligibility and apply for no credit check loans online. You know yourself, what you need, and when, why wait for the guy at the bank to write up the paperwork, ask his manager, and get back to you a week later? Sometimes the best option is the quickest one!

-Control the Temperature of Your House

It’s like magic! You can start heating up your home before you even leave work or turn down the temperature when you are away on a business trip- all from your mobile device. With all these smart apparatuses coming out, you don’t have to panic if you forgot to adjust the temperature before you shut the front door; that means no more backtracking!

-Order a Cab

You can forget about keeping that cab company’s number in your wallet. Now you can just go online and order it there. Most of these apps can even track where you are (so you don’t have to ask random passerby’s) and tell you the estimated time of arrival for the cab along with the estimated fare. No more “lost cabs”, random and unexpected mark ups, or waiting in the cold for an hour. You are completely in the know, and taking a cab just became a more comfortable transportation option.


-Check Your Lab Results

Ever feel in the dark when it comes to your medical records? Many of us have to wait for our lab work to get to our doctor’s office and then a staff member there to call or make an appointment with you to know the results of a simple blood test. It’s tough. That’s why more and more diagnostic clinics are giving their patients online access to their results, even within 24 hours, so that they have more information about their own bodies and don’t have to wait up to 3 weeks for the results because of administrative issues.

Though many consider the internet a double-edged sword, the truth is that it saves us time and hassle, streamlines many processes that would otherwise take much more work, and give us more control over our actions- whether that means getting a loan or buying a house.

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