How to Treat Cellulite


The skin’s support structure is basically made of collagen fibers. This is what keeps skin firm at a young age. The normal deterioration of collagen can lead to many undesirable skin conditions. 2 of the most common effects being sagging and cellulite. Sometimes, significant weight loss or illness can lead to tissue slackness, and the difference in the calories you intake in the form of fat and the amount of calories you burn can lead to cellulite.

It can be described as the unwanted dimpled texture of skin. What causes cellulite is not very clear. Some expert suggest that it is caused by a glitch in the fat cell while other believe that the condition is triggered by toxins in the system. Many people have suggested that hormones are responsible. Regardless of what the reason is, it is not a pleasant condition.

It is understood that you consume will determine how much cellulite you have. Therefore, it is found that dieting often helps eliminate effects of cellulite. It can also be removed surgically but it is not an encouraged approach because of its invasive nature. In addition to dieting, you can follow a strict exercise regime. This boosts blood circulation and helps to restore a slim layer of fat. Aerobic exercise or any other cardio movements are considered great anti-cellulite exercises as they can raise your heart rate.

As already mentioned, you must carefully monitor what you eat and drink. Avoid any refined or processed items that contain excess fat, salt, and sugar. Instead, you can have a balanced diet rich in whole grains, beans, legumes, fruits, and vegetables. Food that is high in fiber can help reduce toxins and waste from the body.

It is also advised to reduce intake of tea, coffee, sugar, and alcohol. These are build-up toxin and encourage cellulite. In simple terms, you have to get rid of excess fat if you want to get rid of cellulite.

For women, 20 – 25% body fat is normal while 15 – 20% fat is normal for men. It is unhealthy to have more fat than this.

You may even rely on entomology. It is a non-surgical procedure which stimulates the breakdown of cellulite and fat. The technician will use a machine and apply slight pressure and suction to skin. Each session usually lasts about 40 minutes and 1 or 2 times per week is recommended. After about 15 to 20 sessions, you will see significant improvement.

Dermosonic is another technique that helps to overcome problems of cellulite. It combines non-invasive sub-dermal therapy (N.I.S.T.) and ultrasound. It can be used for localized fat reduction, exceptional cellulite reduction, skin smoothing and body contouring treatments.

Venus Freeze is a single aesthetic workstation for cellulite reduction and skin tightening. This works on the dermis level and uses the radiofrequency to instigate a thermal reaction in the tissue. This causes collagen fibers to tighten and stimulates the production of new collagen, supporting tissue and elastic fibers. It is a corrective approach which helps get smoother skin appearance and eliminates cellulite. Production of lipase is triggered by pulsed magnetic fields. Lipase is an enzyme which eliminates fat stored in fat cells, and therefore, shows visible improvement. With this method, you can get a contoured, cellulite-free appearance. To maintain your results, it is strongly advised to repeat Venus Freeze treatment sessions 4 times a year to

Some other methods that can be used to reduced cellulite include using mesotherapy, liposuction, Veta smooth and other surgical procedures. Women who are pregnant or nursing should consult a doctor before trying any of the methods.


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