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Oxidative stress can contribute to the development of disease, and it strains the body’s systems. Antioxidants can help to reduce oxidative stress. While the body does produce it’s own antioxidants, many people’s levels of them are too low.

Fortunately, there are supplements that can help. Protandim is designed to increase the production of antioxidants in the body. In addition, it accomplishes this using natural ingredients, such as Tumeric, Bacopa, Green Tea, Milk Thistle, and Ashwagandha.

The supplement has strong effects on a particularly important protein for the reduction of oxidative stress, called NRf2. This protein bonds directly with DNA, and it helps to control the amount of an important antioxidant that is released, called SOD.

NRF2 helps to regulate genes that improve the resilience of cells. The NRF2 protein is also thought to be a major factor in the aging process. Increasing the levels of NRF2 is thought to have help reduce aging related damage.

In addition, it has effects on other important substances that reduce oxidative stress. It raises the levels of gluthione and catalase in the body, and these substances are essential for the functioning of the body.

Unlike many supplements, it’s effects have been clinically proven! Oxidative stress is reduced by 40 percent over a 30 day period by Protandim. Furthermore, the studies have made their way into well known medical journals, such as the American Heart Association’s journal! In addition, the supplement has a very good safety record, and the side effects are minimal and tend to not be present at all.

The supplement is sold as a 30 day supply, and it is available from a number of different sellers. While you cannot get it directly from the company website, it’s available at a number of e-commerce websites and health food stores. Thirty day supplies available on Amazon for less than fifty dollars. You can also get packages with multiple bottles of the supplement for an affordable price. In fact, there are packages that offer a 120 day supply at 42 dollars per bottle!

It also has gotten excellent reviews. Not only can you see many positive testimonials in the form of articles, but there are even great testimonials available on Youtube. Some of these excellent testimonials even come from those that were dealing with significant health problems. Chances are the supplement can have positive effects on you too, because most of the population could benefit from the increase in antioxidants that it produces.

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