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To enhance interest in life and to increase the level of enjoyment people use Dopa Mucuna supplement. It can also be used as a mood support agent. In a capsule of this supplement there will be 15% of L-Dopa. It should be taken along with the meal. This capsule is recommended to take early in the day.

Medicinal use:

Even in traditional medicine Mucuna pruriens was in use. This was earlier recommended mainly in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. When there is large number of death in the cells of substantia nigra that is considered as Parkinson;s disease. In the same section of the brain even dopamine is synthesized and secreted.

Dopamine deficiency occurs when dopaminergic neurons degrade in the substantia nigra. This leads to the main symptom of Parkinson’s disease that is poor muscle control. In this condition an individual experiences motor condition which is totally impaired and tremors.

This is seen mostly in aged individuals. In the long term, if one live longs enough then there are high chances of this disease to occur.

So using L-Dopa is the best known supplement in the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. This can supply L-Dopa that leads to the increased level of dopamine. This will help in managing the symptoms caused by this disease and not in the treatment.

When one use Dopa Mucuna supplement it can lead to enhanced level of L-Dopa. This leads to the increased availability of dopamine in the brain. Extracts of Mucuna pruriens have promising effects in the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease very similar to mainstream treatment options like levodopa. Comparatively Dopa Mucuna supplements are faster in giving benefits than pharmaceutical medications like levodopa. But in general it is not yet declared as a treatment for Parkinson’s symptoms.

For fertility and libido:

In enhancing libido, Dopa Mucuna can be effective both in men and women. Even in traditional medicine Mucuna was in use in the treatment of male infertility. There is proof for its use in 1500 BCE in India in ayurvedic medicine practice. They were using it to enhance the sperm production and in treating infertility in men.

Even many modern era studies have focused on this particular use of Mucuna. There was a study which involved 150 men, all had issues with fertility and this study was done over a period of six months. It has observed many factors including,

  • This supplement can increase the level of testosterone in men. It was very beneficial for men who had very low sperm counts
  • When they observed semen samples, it has been found that there were adequate amounts of dopamine, noradrenaline and adrenaline
  • This supplement has observed to increase quantity of sperm, enhance the quality of sperm and even motility of sperm has increase significantly
  • In all subjects one improvement was common that is increased likelihood of conception. Know more here!

Most users recommend this product and use the same for its aphrodisiac effects. There are few users who have not experienced any change in their libido after using this supplement. But majority of them gave opinion that they have experienced enhanced sexual activities, increased confidence and good mood.

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