Security Seals for Labels and Pricing Guns Can Usually Be Found Online


Companies that supply items such as labels, fastening solutions, and pricing gun supplies make many different types of products, and one of those products is a seal that is used for security purposes. These seals can be custom-printed with a company name or product number, come in various colours and sizes, and are available in different shapes as well. The companies that make these products usually have websites that allow you to research them online, which ensures that you will end up with the exact product you need.

All Types and Sizes Are Available

Seals come in many sizes and types, including:

  • Custom-printed seals that usually include a company name or barcode
  • Locking seals that come in 20kg strength
  • Loop lock seals that come in 12kg strength
  • Seals that have tear-off features
  • Polycarbonate wind-in seals that come in 30kg strength
  • Nylon locking seals that come in 6kg or 15kg strength
  • Metal locking seals that come in 25g or 30kg strength

In addition to various strengths, security seals also come in different colours such as red, yellow, white, blue, and green, as well as shapes that include elongated, vertical, and a few others. The seals are made in various lengths, so it is easy to get the one you need for your store or industrial complex. Regardless of the product you use them for, these seals provide top-notch security and an easy way to identify which item belongs to your company.


Other Products Are Available as Well

Companies that offer these seals offer other products as well including pricing guns and ink, point-of-sale items, cable ties, pens and liquid chalk, wristbands, “take a number” systems, re-winders and dispensers for labels, tagging guns and needles, cable identification products, and hand label dispensers. From various types of pricing guns and the supplies they need to operate, to a wide selection of tapes and labels that are compatible with systems such as Dyno and Brother, these companies have everything you need for your industrial or retail business to operate properly.

Not only do these types of products come in various styles and designs, but they are usually very reasonably priced as well. For instance, a package of 100 seals is usually less than $25. In addition, the companies offering these products represent major, well-known, and well-made brands such as Avery Dennison, Royal, Tyvek and others. They represent only high-quality, reasonably priced products that can accommodate the needs of most companies.

Start Your Search Online

Most companies that sell security-type seals have websites that will even show you full-colour photographs of all of their products, as well as information that includes exact specifications and prices of each item. Most of them will also quickly return an enquiry, so if you have any questions or concerns they can help you immediately. You can order the products online, receive information regarding sales and specials, and learn all about the proper care of the products you purchase. Whatever you need, starting your search on the Internet is always an excellent option when looking for these types of products.

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