6 Elements in Successful Office Designs


Having your offices updated doesn’t necessarily need to cost a fortune seeing as simple changes can make a big difference in their appearance and function. However, there are certain elements that most successful offices have and that should be included in your new design. Following are some of the elements you should find in updated offices:

Good Layouts

An office layout needs to reduce distractions for workers in order to maintain productivity levels. Excessive noise or people constantly passing the work areas to make copies or go on break can be extremely distracting for many people, making it harder for them to work and focus efficiently. A good layout will provide a peaceful, yet productive, work environment for your employees.

Good Flow

The design should create a good flow throughout the work area in order to make it easier for people to move around the offices and get to different areas without disturbing others. They should be able to get to printers and copiers without cutting through work spaces and without having to take a long route to get to them. Good work flow also creates the illusion of space so employees don’t feel cramped in their own work environment.

Meeting Areas

It’s important to provide meeting areas for scheduled, and impromptu meetings for teams and/or entire departments. The meeting areas should be comfortable and closed off so those in the meeting can concentrate on the discussion and others who are working nearby won’t be disturbed. A meeting space needs to have tools that can drive the discussions, such as whiteboards, overhead projectors and Wi-Fi for laptops and other mobile devices that are needed in the meeting.

Comfortable Environment

A successful interior office design will provide comfortable spaces for your employees to work in. It is important to include ergonomic furniture in the office design to make employees comfortable and to prevent work-related injuries. Also, it is important to be aware that the temperature should be consistent because being too hot or too cold can be distracting and reduce productivity levels due.


Introduce Live Plants

Adding live plants into an office design can help improve the health of your employees. Plants can help oxygenate the air, reduce dust and help increase creativity by providing visual stimuli. As a result, more work will get done and live plants can help reduce employee absenteeism because there will be fewer airborne illnesses moving through your offices due to a healthier, oxygenated environment.

Add Quiet Areas

An open office floor plan works well in most cases, but can be noisy at times. You should include quieter work areas that employees can use when they need to be able to concentrate on their work. These areas don’t need to be closed off offices, but they can be cubicles that are set apart from the main work area to provide employees with a quiet work space.

These are only a few of the elements that successful office designs may include. A designer can work with you to create the type of office that best fits your needs and helps maintain or increase productivity levels.

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