Choosing the Right Mobile Phone for Your Needs


Not everyone is in the market for a mobile phone made for the average fast paced business person. Sometimes, you just need something basic yet modern to help with the daily tasks of communication and staying organised. This topic has become seriously discussed in Australia due to the number of old mobile phones, which outnumber citizens of Australia. In April of 2016, it was announced that Australia officially has over 22.5 million outdated and old mobile phones, with more than four million out of commission.

The statistics above speak for themselves. Decision tips could be useful when choosing your next mobile phone. Some of the best mobile phones in Australia may be older ones due to durability and personal opinion, but when you identify your daily needs and apply them to your search, your views on specific technology will change.

Video Games and Your Daily Life

Some people who are always on the go love a fast paced lifestyle. More often than not, video games are included in their hobbies because of their action packed lore and intense tasks. For those who play video games regularly and want something that’s portable and able to handle gaming, make sure to choose a screen that’s over 11.9 cm. If you’re an avid phone gamer because you travel a lot, opting for more storage in your phone will be extremely helpful. Anything above 32GB is great, but 16GB may only hold a few apps on top of your favourite mobile game.

Mobile Phone Bills

Aspiring Photographer in Artsy Australia

One of the main selling points of every new phone is how well the camera takes pictures. Whether they’re for self-portraits or aspiring photographers, most think megapixels matter. While they’re not totally wrong, it’s actually the size of the pixel that matters most, not how many megapixels it comes equipped with. The size of the pixels is usually measured in microns. The higher this number, the better it is.

If the phone you’re looking at specifies aperture, you want to make sure you find one with the lowest aperture number. The aperture number appears as something like this:

  • 4
  • F2

The lower the aperture number, the better. An aperture number that’s 1.4 is actually great. For normal DSLR lenses, the lower this number, the more expensive the lens is. Aperture is extremely important, as it’s a unit of measurement that tells the camera lens how quick or slow to open. This determines how much light is brought into the picture over a period of time. The higher the number, the longer the lens stays open and risks overexposure.

Business Related Mobile Phones

Business is just important as leisure, especially when it comes to mobile phones. As a businessman or woman, multi-tasking is essential for your daily functions. A fast processor and a high amount of storage will allow you to succeed in your daily tasks. A lot of phones use Snapdragon processor products, but anything that has over 4GB in the processor will work well for you.

It’s important to note that the GB amount in a processor is not the same amount as phone storage, as they are two separate values. The higher the processor storage is, the more tasks you can take on at once.

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