Can Tradesmen get a good ROI by using a Message Taking Service?


Reputable message taking service specialists understand that tradesmen have very busy lifestyles.  It can be difficult to stay on top of phone calls when you’re up a ladder, fixing burst pipes, erecting scaffolding or driving from one job to another.

There’s no doubt about it, tradesmen can get a good return on investment (ROI) by using message taking and phone answering services.  Many tradesmen and builders simply don’t have the time or resources to employ a secretary.  Professional message taking and telephone answering personnel will be able to let you know:-

  • If an appointment time has changed
  • If you have an urgent enquiry
  • If your next customer has cancelled the job

Established telephone answering and message taking agencies have developed a portfolio of services to suit all call requirements to help tradesmen.

Why do tradesmen need a telephone answering and message taking service?

There are many other reasons why tradesmen need telephone answering and message taking services.  Here are a few more reasons why:-

  • If you miss a phone call or message, you could waste time travelling
  • Travelling unnecessarily from one job to another is also a waste of fuel which equates to losing money
  • You could miss appointments because of missed calls and messages

Without professional call answering and message taking you could miss out on lucrative new business opportunities.

Even large firms with a reception team in place can suffer from peaks in call traffic.  This may be due to excessive volumes of calls after an advertising campaign or during product promotions and special deals.  Volumes of incoming calls can also be difficult to deal with if a reception team member unexpectedly takes time off work because of illness.  The last thing a plumbing, electrical, carpentry or painting and decorating firm wants is to lose trade when call volumes exceed capacity.

Call answering for your business

Call answering and message taking services for your business means you will never miss a new business opportunity.  What’s more this type of service is ideal for recommendations whether you’re an electrician, joiner or plumber.  Ask yourself, what will one more customer mean to your business or more importantly what will one lost customer mean?

Message Taking Service

The main point of contact between you and your customers, new or existing, is usually the telephone especially when you’re out and about at work.  Let the experts keep these lines of communication open by answering calls and replying to messages while you get on with the job in hand.  You will be provided with:-

A             Your own dedicated call answering message assistant

B             Someone who works just as if based in your very own office

An enthusiastic receptionist or receptionists will be fully briefed about your business and handle every call accordingly.  You can expect your telephone calls to be answered in a professional, friendly, efficient manner which is sure to impress your existing customers and new clients.

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