Fiji Travel Guide: Beaches


Fiji beaches are as appealing just like any other famous beaches on the planet. Because the country is found in tropical regions, it already has everything what beach-bound vacationers exactly are thinking about like warm and obvious waters, colorful barrier reef, and wide diversity of seafood occupants.

Situated in the middle of the earth’s greatest sea, Fiji’s 300 islands have attracted 1000’s of site visitors every year from the sandy whitened beaches to volcanic black beaches. Probably the most frequently visited whitened sand beaches are situated within the primary islands. Individuals using the finest of whitened sand are frequently based in the more remote more compact islands encircled by barrier reefs.

Yasawa Islands

The region is wealthy in natural points of interest and it is situated in Fiji’s Western Division. It’s an ideal spot for scuba diving and diving along with a favorite place to go for hikers. You are able to because of its rugged terrain as proof of several volcanic formations remains. Renowned for getting among the whitest sand on the planet, the region really includes four regions each features its own share of high peaks, jagged rocks, and dark blue waters.


It provides several diving and scuba diving possibilities in most of the diving spots in the region like the Labyrinth, Barrier Garden, and Devil’s Ledge. Other pursuits accessible that the adventurous traveler can try are ocean kayaking, sail boating, and water and jet skiing, simply to title a couple of. Vacationers may also visit a few of the ancient sites or continue jungle hikes having a tour guide who knows the medicinal qualities of a few of the native plants.


This 2200 acre getaway has lengthy character trails that are perfect for hiking, walking, and jogging. But it’s the scuba diving within the Koro Ocean that draws in many site visitors, particularly in the protected marine park Wakaya Reef. Amateur all scuba divers who wish to be licensed are thanks for visiting test capabilities within the island. Ocean kayaking is yet another fun workout activity within the island’s waters in addition to deep-ocean fishing. The area provides a more secluded, quiet experience for that visitors, who’ll reach experience Fijian residing in bures or local bungalows.


The area is ornamented through the Namena Barrier Reef, one of the country’s untouched scuba diving and diving reef environments. From afar the area is formed just like a dragon while close up it’s soft, powdery whitened sand beaches. The Namena Barrier Reef is really a world-famous diving destination and it is confirmed by a number of guides among Fiji’s top points of interest. Each bure site within the island is carefully spread to supply privacy for that holiday goers.

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